Here is the video of our 2 first months in Queenstown. We enjoy riding the trails every single day and we thanks the locals so much for showing us around. We love queenstown spirit, the rides, the people, the parties.

The first part of the video was shooting on the dream track of Wynyard. And the second one was in Coronet Peak with a part on Rude Rock, and one on a rebuild drop. Funny part of the vid is the discovery of the “freeride” while going fishing.

Hope you will have fun watching this edit as much as we enjoyed making it.

Showreel 2013

- 2 years in the making -

From our home trails in the Semnoz to the slopes of New Zealand, here’s a recap of the past two years on two wheels.

Before We Left

Dislocated shoulder and sprained ankle.

Après une épaule luxée pour moi et une entorse à la cheville pour Romain, nous avons réussi tant bien que mal à finir cette vidéo avant notre départ pour la Nouvelle-Zélande!

La bonne nouvelle c’est qu’on pourra rattraper cette fin écourtée en mettant régulièrement en ligne nos meilleurs rides à l’autre bout du monde.

Making of du Road Gap du Tour de France 2013

Just for the ride, the challenge, the thrill.

Look at the full photo album here.

And don’t forget, shred with us!

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